Megabox HD for iOS – The Best Video Streaming/Downloading App

Megabox HD iOS is an movie entertainment application that opens up a new universe of HD media to you. Once you have installed this app on your iPhone or iPad, you can forget about paying for video content. Learn here how to install your MegaBox app on iOS.


With this app, you will be able to watch latest TV shows, movies, cartoons, and animation videos directly on your mobile. You can stream these videos or download these using built-in features.

If you are thinking how to get this app working on iOS, you need to stay onboard. I will explain installation procedure in easy to follow steps later in this tutorial.

Does this app REALLY work on iOS?

I know many of you are thinking of this question because other similar apps don’t work unless you jailbreak your phone. I won’t lead you to that path.

Useful guide play store download for iphone

Keep reading for the good news!

A few months back, the Megabox app had some issues with iOS devices. However, the new and updated version is stable, and it has no reported bugs on iPhone so far.

Fortunately, MegaBox also works on various other platforms. So if you have an Android phone and a PC in addition to an iPhone, you will be able to enjoy the same HD video experience on all your devices using the same application.